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Other Military Stories

Other Military Stories
1/2/1995 Helicopter pilot training costs taxpayers $1.4 million  The Illinois National Guard pushed 40 pilots through UH-60 Blackhawk training last year at a cost to taxpayers of about $1.4 million  —  even though it had no Blackhawks and had not been told to expect them.

1/22/1995  Copter training assailed The Army is conducting two separate investigations into complaints that National Guard helicopter crews are in danger because the Guard's helicopter mechanics are not receiving adequate training.

2/13/1995 Status of Scott could stir problem   No one really knows if Scott Air Force Base will appear on the list of proposed base closings, despite the fact it was never seriously considered for closing in three previous rounds.

03/05/1995 Scott on list, then removed Scott Air Force Base was on the list of recommended base closings but was saved by the new chief of staff who had ties to Scott, two high-ranking Air Force sources said.

4/13/1997  Affair brings sad end to Air Force colonel's life  Something went terribly wrong in Lt. Col. Karen Tew's life. That Sunday, as Tew sat alone in her parents’ St. Charles, Mo., home, she didn't reach for the phone to call the mental health counselor she had been seeing since early December.

5/11/199Big unit may save Scott AFB  The future of Scott Air Force Base might depend largely on a decision a decade ago that received little attention at the time — creation of the U.S. Transportation Command in 1987.

5/12/1997  Sergeant pleads guilty to charges - Victims Angry With Sentence  The victims of an Air Force sergeant convicted of secretly photographing his nude stepdaughters want to know why he received such a light punishment.

06/08/1997   Fogleman: No sympathy The Air Force’s top general made clear Saturday that he does not have sympathy for those caught up in a series of sex scandals that have rocked the military.

10/20/1997  Man sues Scott after losing his job An F-18 Hornet broke loose of its tow bar and careened across the darkened tarmac.  An airman sprinted to the plane, frantically grabbed for a handhold, clinging to the aircraft while paddling his feet trying to become a human brake. Someone threw a chock under a wheel and stopped the runaway jet fighter before any airmen or aircraft got hurt

4/6/1998  Scott again at risk of closure  The Pentagon's request for two more rounds of military base closings could mean bad news for Scott Air Force Base, which barely escaped closing in 1995, local supporters warn. 

10/25/1998  Base denies rumor that personnel publicly criticized Clinton’s actions Officials at Scott Air Force Base say military personnel cannot publicly criticize their commander-in-chief — President Clinton — but strongly deny a rumor that a senior non-commissioned officer recently was punished for displaying an “Impeach Clinton” bumper sticker.

5/27/1999  Retirement plans frozen - Air Force pilots, specialists needed  Facing its biggest mission since the 1991 Gulf War, the Air Force on Wednesday told 6,000 pilots, maintenance crews and other critical specialists that they are in uniform for the duration of the Kosovo campaign

10/28/1999  Never forgotten - Collinsville pilot killed in Berlin Airlift received special treatment by the Germans
Everyone was surprised when the body of one of the first victims of the Cold War arrived home in Collinsville well preserved and sealed in the glass-topped casket.

10/31/1999 More base closings seen Congress will almost certainly approve more rounds of base closings once Bill Clinton is out of office, again putting Scott Air Force Base at risk, says the man who headed the last base closing commission.

12/19/1999 focus: Military pay Military members will receive a big raise next year, but will it be enough to keep them in uniform?

3/12/2000  Report: Air Mobility Command losing money  Air Mobility Command might be cheating itself out of $700 million a year by not billing enough for hauling cargo and passengers for the rest of the Air Force, the other military services and other government agencies, a congressional watchdog agency says. 

4/1/2000  Pilot errors blamed for crash in Kuwait   A series of pilot errors and the air crew’s failure to correct him caused a December cargo plane accident in Kuwait that killed three airmen and injured seven others, Air Mobility Command officials said Friday.

4/13/2000  Black pilot recalls living up to a tall challenge  Lewis Lynch celebrated his 20th birthday — Oct. 4, 1942 — by applying to train as one of the first black pilots in the old Army Air Corps.  He was rejected, receiving a form letter that said he was “too tall” to be a fighter pilot because he exceeded the 5-foot-10-inch limit.

4/16/2000  Pentagon official: Reserve becoming 're-serve'  The Pentagon's top leader for  the National Guard and Reserve said Saturday that employers will continue to lose workers to military missions, but should start getting more accurate and timely notice when it is going  to happen.

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